"I went on a date and I get nervous when I date. I get very nervous. I went on this date and we went out to dinner and all these things then I took her home and she went inside, and then I farted for the rest of my life."-Louis C.K.

I'm the only non white guy in the suits.



Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Jace, Arquitect of Thought

Jace, The Living Guildpact

Jace, The Blue Make Up Hoarder

Jace, Music Sensation

Jace, Wedding Organizer

Jace, Pole Dancer



three words. just those these special words. and ill be yours forever.

free video games



remember last summer when american eagle had that modelling contest where you submit your picture to get votes and if you get into the top 20 votes your picture is displayed at times square in new york

i submitted this photo of me about to sneeze


i placed 12th and i was on the times square billboard for two weeks

i hate each and every single one of you all

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